Bruno's Boxing of Bellingham



Boxing -- the ultimate in strength, speed, reflexes & endurance -- you've never had a workout like it. Whether you're interested in challenging yourself in what ESPN called "The Most Difficult Sport in the World" or getting into incredible shape fast, our Boxing classes will push you to your limits and beyond while you achieve goal after goal.

Boxing is a combat sport that utilizes the hands to deliver combinations of punches. At Bruno Souza's we have taken that to the next level.

At our state of the art facility, our professional boxing instructors work with you as an individual to create a well maintained balance, proper footwork and the best in technique. Our highly-trained and skilled instructors are ready to teach you the skills to turn you into an efficient and well-rounded boxer. Each student learns jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts and counter punches, along with head-movement, footwork and defenses.

Boxing may be one of the oldest combat sports around, but give it a new look with us.

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